Sixpenny Handley and Pentridge Parish Council

COVID 19 Outbreak Support

Details on how the Parish Council is supporting the community to deal with COVID 19

We have now set up our support teams for those in isolation or key workers who need help with shopping.

Contact sheets and newsletters are now being delivered to everyone in the parish.

These tell you who to call and how to order food or prescriptions that we will collect and deliver to you.

Stay Safe and know you are not alone.

We also have phone buddies to call and chat with.

A massive thanks to all our volunteers and if you want to join just email

Handley Info

Newsletter 1

Guidance from Government

- GOV.UK Easy read guide to mental health and wellbeing
- GOV.UK A joint statement from the Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, the Minister for Care, and the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families.
- GOV.UK Cleaning in a Non Healthcare Environment
- GOV.UK Advice on staying at home
- GOV.UK Children and young people's mental health advice
- GOV.UK Full guidence on staying at home
- GOV.UK Support Mental Health
- GOV.UK Crack down on false coronavirus information information
- How to help safely - I think we have this covered for those in Isolation but there are things everyone can do at home or work in this advice
- GOV.UK Further businesses and premises to close: guidance
- GOV.UK Further Business and Other Venues Close - clarifications


- Telegraph How long can COVID 19 last on different surfaces

Note this is a newspaper article, there is currently no Gov guidelines on this subject and a key theme in this article is to keep washing your hands


Dorset Council

These are both updates to the Waste services, first one is general details on collection and recycling collection centres, the second is about missed bins not being collected until the next pick up date.

Bin collection general details on collection and recycling collection centres
Missed bins not being collected

- Waste Services during the coronavirus outbreak

- Countryside car parks and all facilities now CLOSED
Following advice from central Government, we have now closed all public facilities at our country parks and open spaces until further notice. This includes the car parks, play areas, toilets, cafés, visitor centres and Moors Valley's golf course. If you live within walking distance of one of our country parks or open spaces, you may visit by foot or bicycle for your daily exercise as long as you follow these Government guidelines: Take one form of exercise per day (e.g. run, walk or cycle). This must either be alone or with members of your household. Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people. Wash your hands before coming and as soon as you get home.


WhatsApp support

The Government has launched a WhatsApp chatbot to provide NHS advice in an effort to take pressure off the NHS’s 111 service and combat the spread of misinformation. Users are told to add a phone number to their contacts list, 07860 064422, and send the word “hi” to the WhatsApp account. This will add the chatbot, the Coronavirus Information Service. Of course it is available on line as well. But if you use WhatsApp it’s perhaps more accessible.